RECIPE – De-Stresso-Martini

My twist is the De-Stresso martini, using Quirky Monkey Royal Reishi-Me mushroom coffee fusion. I love this for its unique combination of caffeine and alcohol. The espresso provides a unique, rich flavour that pairs well with the vodka and coffee liqueur, while the caffeine gives the drink an extra kick. The frothy texture created by shaking the ingredients together gives the drink a luxurious feel. It makes it a fun cocktail to serve at parties or enjoy as a special treat. Overall, the espresso martini is a delicious and sophisticated drink that will please coffee and cocktail lovers alike.


To make an espresso martini, you’ll need: 

– 50ml vodka 

– 30ml freshly brewed QuirkyMonkey coffee 

– 15ml coffee liqueur 

– 7.5ml simple syrup 

– Ice 

– 3 coffee beans for garnish 



1. Brew a shot of espresso and let it cool to room temperature. 

2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. 

3. Add the vodka, cooled espresso, coffee liqueur, and simple syrup to the shaker. 

4. Shake vigorously for about 10 seconds. 

5. Strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass. 

6. Garnish with 3 coffee beans. Enjoy your delicious De-Stresso martini!

Serve and enjoy, and we’d love you to share your creation on our QuirkyMonkey socials!


Quirky Fact: Did you know that the espresso martini trademark is the three coffee beans on top? These represent health, wealth, and happiness!

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